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Fast and flexible funding for your business when it needs it most. The recognized and trusted financing choice for newer businesses and those who don’t have time to wait on a conventional bank!

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A business cash advance is the ideal funding product for newer businesses, entrepreneurs with less-than-ideal credit strength, or businesses who simply don’t have the time to wait weeks for their bank to make a decision!

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Use the new funds to double your business growth, make payroll, and anything in between!

Max Approval:

Approvals up to $1 Million

Term Length:

Terms from 3-24 Months

Cost of Funds:

.12 to .45 cents on the dollar

Funding Timeline:

1 business day

Pricing & Return on Investment

You will pay anywhere between .12 and .45 cents on the dollar to access quick funds via a business cash advance. However the approval process is simple, there’s no collateral to pledge, and Capital Collab is A-OK working with entrepreneurs with less than perfect credit.

Example ROI: You wish to invest into marketing to grow your business by 40% this year, but don’t have the funds available to readily do so. By utilizing a $50,000 business cash advance paid back over 12 months, you’re able to invest into marketing, rise to the occasion, and ultimately increase your revenue by a whopping $20,000 each month, far exceeding the small repayment on the advance.

See if you Qualify for a Business Cash Advance in Less Than 60 Seconds

What is a Business Cash Advance?

A Business Cash Advance (also known as “Merchant Cash Advance” or “Working Capital Loan”) is an expedited funding solution offered by business funders as an advance against your company’s future receivables. Since the underwriting process is predicated on your average monthly revenue, these funders are able to operate extremely quickly and often overlook the documentation needed for a traditional loan such as tax returns and financials.

What is the difference between a Business Cash Advance and a Business Loan?

This question depends on what type of business loan you’re referring to. Some Business Cash Advances are actually contracted as a true loan agreement, whereas others are contracted as a “Purchase Agreement” on your future receivables. There is little to no difference between the two aside from contract verbiage.

However, if you’re referring to a traditional term loan, such as one offered by a bank there are many differences. A business cash advance will enable you to fund your business within just 24-48 hours, however it does carry with it a higher cost of capital for the convenience factor and less stringent underwriting. Business Cash Advances are much easier to qualify for than traditional loans, and they’re completely unsecured which means you won’t have to pledge your home or any assets against the advance. The fact your future receivables are taken into account during the underwriting period gives the funder/lender enough comfort in extending capital without the need for collateral.

What is the cost of a Business Cash Advance?

A Business Cash Advance is priced in a “factor rate” or what our team likes to refer to as a “multiplier”. For instance, a factor rate of 1.25 means that your payback amount is 1.25X of your approval amount. There is often no interest to be calculated on a Business Cash Advance because in many cases it’s not a loan. However, if it is offered through a true loan agreement, there will be an interest rate equivalent found within the agreement.

The average factor rate for a Business Cash Advance is 1.20 – 1.35, however rates can start at just 1.06 and go up to 1.49.

How is a Business Cash Advance structured?

A Business Cash Advance is a short-term working capital instrument for businesses, priced in a factor rate, with terms ranging from 3 months to 24 months. Payments are made automatically by ACH in a daily or weekly fashion. In some cases, a retail merchant may use their credit card receipts (a certain percentage thereof) to repay the balance predictably over time.

Why should I choose Capital Collaboration for a Business Cash Advance?

Capital Collab has created the most robust marketplace of private lenders and Business Cash Advance funders. With over 200 lending relationships, we utilize our platform to match your business criteria to the right source of funding and obtain the best rates and terms.

Our friendly staff of 30 is based in Kansas City and we only hire staff members who have experience as a B2B consultant or who have been an entrepreneur themselves. This ensures we’re always putting our best foot forward and advocating on behalf of your business and its goals!

Minimum qualifications


6 Months in Business


500 Personal Credit Score


$10,000 in Monthly Revenue

What you need to apply


Completed Application


Prior 4 Months Business Bank Statements


Prior 4 Months Card Processing Statements *if applicable

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Checking for pre-approval will not affect your credit score.