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Flexible Business Lines of Credit

A business line of credit offers funding only when your business needs it. Once approved, you can simply draw against your line as the need for capital arises – whether that occurs tomorrow, next week, or next month.

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Checking for pre-approval will not affect your credit score.

A business line of credit is the ideal financing instrument for many businesses. Draw against your credit line to better manage your accounts receivable, purchase inventory, expedite growth, and more! Get fully approved today and simply draw upon your line as needed; whether that be tomorrow for an inventory purchase or next month when you launch a new marketing campaign.

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How a Business Line of Credit Works


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Provide us basic information about your business and its needs. Submit a few simple documents online or through a dedicated Capital Advisor.


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You’ll often know within just 1-2 business days if you’re approved for a business line of credit!


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Tapping funds from your line is simple. Use your login details to obtain funds within hours.



Use the new credit line to scale your business operation to the next level or better manage cash flow.

Max Approval:

Approvals up to $250K

Term Length:

6-18 Month Draw Schedules

Cost of Funds:

Rates starting at 7.99% APR

Funding Timeline:

2-3 business days

Pricing & Return on Investment

Lines of credit will be offered with payback terms between 7.99% and 24.99% interest based upon an analysis of the health of your business. Approvals can be driven by credit score, debt ratios, credit inquiries, and accounts receivable.

Example ROI: Your supplier offers you inventory at a large discount if you buy in the next few days. You choose to draw $10,000 to make the purchase, and sell the product for $20,000. Your total cost of borrowing for a period of four weeks is $262.22. Your total profit is $9737.78.

See if you Qualify for a Line of Credit in less than 60 Seconds

How does a business line of credit work?
A business line of credit works in a similar way to a credit card or cash advance. If you need funds for a purchase or unexpected cost, then you can draw on your line of credit to pay for it. At this point, you’ll start being charged interest and have to make monthly or fortnightly repayments. But if you don’t need to use it, then you don’t get charged. This makes it a flexible and cost-efficient option that can adapt to the changing needs of your business. Similar to business credit cards, you can also reuse and repay the balance on your line of credit whenever you like. If you land a big client and find yourself able to pay it off in full, then there aren’t any early exit fees that penalize you for being financially savvy (unlike repaying prior to the end of a loan term). If your business is seasonal and generates most of its income at a specific time of year, then a business line of credit can see you through the quieter months and be repaid in the busy season. As long as you keep making your monthly repayments, you’ll just pay a small amount of interest on the outstanding balance.
How much can I borrow?

The amount you can borrow will be based on a number of factors, including your annual revenue, months in business, and personal credit score. We offer business lines of credit for up to $250,000 which should be enough to meet most short-term needs. If you’re looking for a larger line amount, then take a look at our term loans or a business cash advance instead.

Qualifying for a business line of credit
To qualify for a business line of credit with us you’ll need to have been operating for 6 months, on track to generate $300,000 annual revenue, and have a personal credit score of 620. Traditional banks will have much stricter requirements such as several years trading history and a near perfect credit score, but we don’t think that’s realistic for many small and growing businesses. Some lenders also want to see monthly profit and loss statements along with comprehensive business plans and tax returns, however, we don’t need that much detail. As long as you meet our three key criteria, we’ll be satisfied that your business is a sound operation with the ability to repay.
What about collateral?
We offer unsecured lines of credit which means you won’t need to pledge real estate or other assets as collateral. Most traditional institutions also offer unsecured finance products for smaller amounts but will require security for larger sums. This puts your home at risk since they can seize it if you fail to make repayments, however, it’s not the way that we operate.
How do costs compare with other lenders?
You’ll find that a business line of credit with us offers highly competitive rates and flexible terms. As an online lender, we don’t have the operating costs and large overhead of bricks and mortar banks, so we can pass those savings onto you. Our interest rates start at 7.99% APR and we don’t charge high origination fees, unlike traditional institutions. We may not offer a snazzy reward program or air miles, but we do provide simple, affordable funding at competitive rates.

Minimum qualifications


6 Months in business


620 Personal credit score


$20,000 Monthly revenue

What you need to apply


Completed Application


Prior 4 Months Business Bank Statements


Proof of Business Ownership

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Checking for pre-approval will not affect your credit score.