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We’ve helped our clients, both small and large, accomplish everything from purchasing inventory and equipment to growing their revenue 100% from new client growth.

Checking for pre-approval will not affect your credit score.

Entrepreneurs trust Capital Collaboration to help them…

Bridge Receivable Gaps

Waiting on pending invoices and receivables can be frustrating. We can advance your AR on Net-1 terms, so you can be flush with cash and focus on business growth today.

Purchase Inventory

It’s all too common that a supplier will call, offering you a discount on goods if you purchase today or in a larger quantity. We can help you take advantage of those “too good to pass up” opportunities.

Hire Employees

Make key hires or expand your salesforce for predictable business growth. Use our financial capital solutions as the catalyst for human capital; hire, train, and excel.

Invest in Marketing

Have a marketing campaign that will yield substantial business growth, but lacking the capital to invest into marketing? We can help you rapidly obtain capital and achieve ROI.

Manage Cash Flow

We’ve helped thousands of clients better manage their cash-flow through the use of competitively priced term debt and revolving debt instruments. Don’t let cash alone dictate how you should grow and spend.

Open New Locations

Continue to build your company’s success story by investing in the launch of a new location. With our capital and your industry know-how, we can partner towards continued growth and success.

Pay Upcoming Invoices

There’s nothing more frustrating than having a large invoice looming or trying to make payroll while funds are depleted. We can help relieve the stress and ensure your valued vendors and employees get paid on time.

Refinance Debt

Let us help you identify better rates and terms than your current capital provider, and help align your business on a roadmap for success.

Purchase Equipment

Ensure that your business remains a well oiled machine, by having the capital to purchase one at a moments notice, when needed. We’ll finance nearly any piece of equipment with the industry’s best rates and terms.

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$10,000+ monthly revenue


500 personal FICO score

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Checking for pre-approval will not affect your credit score.